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The discussion at our Industry Panel workshop (pictured above) led to ScreenDaily's Geoffrey Macnab composing an article about the future of indie filmmaking.

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‘Four Weddings’ director Mike Newell calls for creation of “UK film czar” to boost indie sector'

Mike Newell, the Bafta-winning director of films including Four Weddings And A Funeral and Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, has called for the appointment of a “UK film czar” to represent the independent film sector’s interests with government.

“You need people to make [the industry] cohere,” said Newell. “The whole trade at the moment has exploded into little inter-competing and not particularly friendly to one another [groups]. That person needs to be a czar, who needs to be able to massage all of these disparate interests.”

He was echoed by veteran sales executive Michael Ryan. 



Mike Newell, Director; Keith Kehoe,Great Point Media; Michael Ryan, GFM Films; Michelle Jenkins, Film London; Stephen Cranny, RSH Films; Sam Ampah, Alliotts; Stephanie Charmail, Head of Production Shorts TV & Independent Film Trust; Fiona Gillies, My SmashMedia.

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