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Taking place in the birthplace of Eadweard Muybridge, the 'Godfather of film', theatres, venues and cinema screens across Kingston will host screenings and events throughout the duration of the festival.

Kingston is home to Rose Theatre, the largest producing theatre in South West London, a large Odeon cinema and will welcome a new Curzon Cinema venue in the former Bentalls department store in early 2022.

Sami Arpa
Largo AI

Sami will be presenting a workshop similar to the one he hosted earlier this year at Cannes.

Sami Arpa.jpg

Andy Frain
Touchwood Animation

Andy, founded Manga Entertainment brining Japanese animation to the West, and will be presenting a workshop on VR and AR. 

Andy Frain.jpg

Vic Armstrong
Stunts Inc

Vic, referred to as the ‘Worlds Greatest Stuntman’, will talk about his adventures in the industry

Vic Armstrong.png

Ray Gillon
Sound Designer

Ray, described by the late Alan Parker as an evangelist, will host his workshop on the importance of sound as a story telling tool. 

Ray Gillon.jpeg
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