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THANK YOU to our 2023 Premier Partners TIME + SPACE and ARRI Solutions

TIME + SPACE are proud to support the development of grassroots filmmakers. The importance of supporting and nourishing this critical component has never been more necessary, as this is the lifeblood of the film and television industry.

The motto as #HometoStorytellers highlights TIME + SPACE's emphasis on giving a voice to up-and-coming storytellers across all mediums. In this case, they are focusing on elevating up-and-coming independent filmmakers by partnering with Kingston International Film Festival for its second year. As the premier partner of the 2023 film festival, TIME + SPACE sponsored the festival’s ‘Best Feature’ winner along with ARRI Solutions. Congratulations to the feature film 'Everybody Wants To Be Loved' directed by Katharina Woll for winning this prestigious award!

Thanks to our sponsors, the winning filmmaker won access to a workshop day at ARRI Stage London, which will allow them to gain insight from industry experts at one of the most major VP stages and the production office at TIME + SPACE’s brand new Digbeth Loc. Studios at Birmingham.

Representatives from TIME + SPACE and ARRI Solutions took the stage at Rose Theatre on the 24th of June to demystify the process of Virtual Production and the benefits it can offer to independent filmmakers as well as the larger studios. In a Q&A section with the audience, they answered any burning questions about Virtual Production and the future of filmmaking. 15 people were selected from the audience on the day to attend a day's course on ARRI's VP Stage!

"TIME + SPACE is very proud to support this year’s festival. We believe passionately that the future of filmmaking is the segue between innovation and community building; where grassroots film producers get access to the latest technologies and the latest workflows to grow their vision into the future."

Thank you to our 2023 Premier Partners!

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