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Kingston Film Festival Partners with KIFF

2 years running in Kingston upon Thames with the motto 'Students and Beyond', the Kingston Film Festival team have partnered with Kingston International Film Festival to bring the best of both worlds together.

Here's a quick meet with the KFF team

Haley Fusia

Haley is a full-time Director of Photography, 1st Assistant Camera, and Editor at ECG Productions, Atlanta, GA.

Jelena Lützel

Jelena moved to the UK from Germany in 2018 for her Masters degree in Filmmaking. Since graduating in 2019 she has worked as a producer for several short films and documentaries. She also works a Film & TV teacher and Vice Principal at Pauline Quirke Academy, teaching children from 6 to 18.

Stephanie Ward

After graduating, Stephanie started a career in the Learning Support Sector, enjoying the work with students. Her goal is to pursue a career in Art Therapy.

Laurie Overton

Laurie is a writer, director, and composer, currently working freelance as an Art Department Assistant.

Cristina Barillari

Cristina is an Assistant Editor working with Studio Canal (France) and Sky Original (Italy).

James Goodchild

James is currently working as a Film Technician and Teacher of Film & TV at Esher Sixth Form College. He is a writer, graphic designer, and video editor fluent with the Adobe Suite.

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