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KIFF partners with Peoples Cinema

KIFF announces their new partnership with Peoples Cinema!

Do you want your film broadcasted on national television? In partnership with People's Cinema, if your film is officially selected for the Kingston International Film Festival, then your trailer will automatically be given a spot on the Peoples Cinema platform for FREE and will give you access to all the opportunities that come with Peoples Cinema.

This includes the opportunity to WIN a spot on the Peoples Cinema TV show and gain National Credit on SKY TELEVISION.

How does it work?

  • Once your trailer has been uploaded to Peoples Cinema it will enter a campaign run for a 4-6-week cycle countdown whereby Peoples Cinema users will vote, share and view their favourite trailers.

  • At the end of the cycle the votes are collated and the trailer with the highest votes are broadcast on the Peoples Cinema TV show.

Why Peoples Cinema?

  • Peoples Cinema gives support and guidance on film production and theory.

  • Raises PR for films and connects to a huge media network.

  • Winners get a national TV credit.

  • CAMPAIGN 30 - Upload a 30 second video to sell your film in an express elevator pitch to encourage people to vote for your trailer. If YOU WIN the People's vote we'll use your C30 on the show so you'll actually get to present your very own film.

  • Unbiased platform that thrives on transparency, choice and connectivity.

For more information on Peoples Cinema check out their website below:

Watch our YouTube video explaining more on Peoples Cinema:

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