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A Message from the Founder & Festival Director

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

"British film-makers are concerned about recent BFI statistics showing an alarming fall in low budget British Indie films. Despite record investment in the streamers and new studios springing up here, the small companies that make indie films and provide the bedrock of the British film industry and a home for upcoming talent on both sides of the camera are suffering more than ever. We need inward investment and accessible production finance to keep our business alive and in good health.

We are a nation of great film-makers; from David Lean, Powell and Pressburger, to Mike Newell and Danny Boyle, ours is a rich cultural history which is a big part of our national identity. And if the indies where these award winning directors cut their teeth disappear, so too do opportunities for young producers and directors, writers, DOPs, and crew who find their voice on small movies, learn their craft, and forge the next generation of filmmakers. There will be no one coming through to shore up our industry. The consequence? Well, the colossal international production machines will import talent or, worse still, take their money and migrate to another country. But more tragically, we will lose a huge part of our National Heritage. We simply can't let this business fade quietly into the dark.

Mike Newell, Dame Vanessa Redgrave, British Film Commission & Film London CEO Adrian Wootton, Dougray Scott and myriad other representatives of the UK industry will be part of the Kingston International Film Festival as we support the smaller independent production companies and showcase work across the industry on 24-26th June. With screenings, Q&As, industry panels and networking events, KIFF is shaping up to be an incredible weekend, and we hope, a bold statement of intent for the future. Our industry must be saved at all costs."

- David Cunningham Founder & Festival Director

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