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Our Ambassadors

KIFF aims to bring the film community together along with industry professionals from all over the globe for three glittering days of screenings, workshops and events.





“We now have an inaugural festival under our belts and all of the team have been elated with the feedback from filmmakers, industry professionals and audiences alike. We learned a lot  from last year’s festival in particular the areas which we need to improve. I can promise you we are on it, and we aim to deliver a festival to surpass last year with some new events to entertain. Our long-term ambition is to build the festival into an internationally recognised event that showcases the work of the world’s leading independent filmmakers as well as becoming the premier platform for discovering remarkable new British talent.”

David Cunningham Founder & Festival Director.




David Cunningham        Founder & Festival Director

Jelena Lützel                     Deputy Festival Director

Stephanie Charmail        Deputy Festival Director

Mario Theodorou             Marketing Director

Steve Hill                            Creative Director

Stephen Cranny               Producer & Programming Director

Gareth Brown                   Festival Development

Kathryn Woodvine          Arts Commissioner Royal Borough of Kingston 

Shane O’Sullivan              Head of Film & Photography Kingston University

Amanda Adams               Local Sponsorship & Ad Co-ordinator 

Paul Adams                       Marketing Co-ordinator

Shirley Cunningham       Admin Controller

Robert O’Dowd                CEO Rose Theatre

Jo Rogers                           Community Liaison

Julian Joyce                       Publicity

Greg Miles                          MD Canadian Portland

Anna Coverdale                Coverdale Barclay PR

Emma Humphries           Events and Promotions RBK

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